The Book "Shahabnama" and the Author Qudratullah Shahab

I started reading a book back in June and finished it reading a few days back but still i m not able to get out of its attached feelings that comes with the book which was first published in 1986 just a few days after weeks or probably few days after his death

The Book Shahabnama is an autobiography of Qudratullah shahab and is written himself by Q.U. Shahab, it is filled with sweet and real story that touches the heart, there are many invaluable lessons on life, the book teaches us that life is fragile and should be treated as such where every moment needs to be cherished and every relationship savourd, for those who sometimes get busy and neglect the simple, more beautiful meaningful things in life, Shahabnama would be a wakeup call.

It is a wonderful book in its simplicity, in the main its a memoir of Qudratullah Shahab, this book allows one to think and contemplate about what should be important in our lives and to relive those things before its too late, his words and insights have a simple clarity, which would for sure live on in the hearts of the readers

i think each and every young Pakistani should read the book, whether he/she is a medical student or an Arts student, this book is written on life as whole, i dont want to reveal the charm and deep insights of the book by reviewing it like this. All i would like to say is that goto a book store near you and get your copy of Shahabnama without any hassle and tussle. There are chapters filled with laughs, cries and inspirations, futrue of Pakistan in the mirror of past and present, it has its dealing with the corruption of bureaucrats, civil servants, ministers and rulers, chapters on english rulling time, Hindus and their dual personalities, real face of J.L. Nehru and Sikh's so called Good Intentions and deeds towards Muslim during the time of partition and prior to it, His short but intresting meetings with some great personalities Like "The Quaid-e-Azam" a night in Masjid-e-Aqsa, Marshall laws and their web of corruptions and in the the end the most important chapter about his connection with mysticism which belongs to Owaisiah chain of sufism.

Dr. Iffat Shahab (Q.U. Shahab's Wife) And Qudaratullah Shahab in their Younger years

for me the Author is indeed a sufi of modern time as his last chapter is true sign and proof of him being a sufi, i am deeply touch and inspired by his personality and his life, he was born in 1917 in Giglgit, most of his early schooling was done in Kashmir later after Partition he work as Bureaucrat of Pakistan, he breath his last in 1986 and is resting in peace in a grave yard in Islamabad, his is wife Dr. Iffat Shahab was indeed another great human and proves to be authors great support throughout his life, she died in England and is resting in peace in Canterburry Grave Yard not so far from London, she was a great human being too like his Husband, May Allah bless them both by his greatest blessing (Amen)

Q.U. Shahab's Final resting place in Islamabad Grave yard

P.S: If anyone knows the address of Iffat Shahabs final Resting place please share it with me, thanks